Year 2 News: 11th January 2018

11th January 2018
Miss Jones was delighted to see Year 2 were back from the Christmas holiday a little bit taller and ready to learn!  We have a busy term ahead, but one which will also be lots of fun!
Numeracy:  We have been looking at units of measure this week, exploring how we would measure capacity and weight.  We all had a turn at weighing pasta and filling containers with water to help with our understanding.  Then we used our knowledge to solve problems.
In CLIC we have been practising adding 2 digit numbers to 1 digit numbers by partitioning - splitting a number into Tens and Ones.  We have also used 'near doubles' to help solve our Learn-its.
Our 'It's nothing new' has been to add 100s together.  We know that by making the number 100 times smaller, adding them numbers together, then making it 100 times bigger again, we can easily work out the answer... we can show you if you like!
Big Maths - Beat That! is back next week, so keep practising at home to get up to speed and see if you can start the New Year by getting your best EVER score!
Literacy:  We listened to a story about a prince and a dragon last week.  We are used to dragons being scary in traditional stories, but this one certainly wasn't - it liked to knit!  We have been planning stories based on The 3 Billy Goats Gruff.  We want to include lots of story language but are adding our own twist to the tale - including some polite trolls and very grumpy goats!
SPAG:  We have been thinking about homophones this week - words which sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.  We have been using them in sentences, choosing (not chew-sing!) the right (not write!) ones!
PE:  We are focusing on gymnastics and making sure our movements have a specific start and end.
Topic / Science:  We looked at the 7 Characteristics of Life, which helped us with the classification of 'Living', 'Non-living' and 'Has Never Lived' things.  The mnemonic MRS NERG helps us to remember them all... M: movement, R: respiration, S:  sensitive, N:  nutrition, E:  excretion, R:  reproduction and G:  growth.
We hope all the children taking part in Young Voices have a super time on Friday!