Year 2 News: 12th July 2018

12th July 2018
Star of the Week:  George
Mathematician of the Week:  Megan
Writer of the Week:  Harry
Values Champion:  Leo
Our week started with a real treat... we watched a play called "The Fisherman's Tale" which was based on one of our bible stories.  It was fantastic - we loved joining in!
We have loved doing a lot of science this week - learning all about how to keep ourselves healthy.
First, we thought about what foods we should eat.  We thought about the different food groups and how they affected our bodies.  Using what we had learned, we wrote the ingredients that we would put in a healthy sandwich.
Then we turned our thoughts to fighting germs - we used glitter to show how germs stick to our hands and saw how everywhere we went, our germs went too!  We noticed that other people's germs can easily make their way onto our hands too!  Don't worry though... we learned how to wash our hands thoroughly, so we are now experts at fighting germs!
We put our clean hands to good use and made our Monster Sandwiches.  We had to peel and chop different kinds of fruit and veg, then added them to our other ingredients... they were grrrrreat!
Finally, we found out what happened to our bodies when we exercise.  We took our heart rate before and after doing a range of activities - star jumps, jogging, spotty dogs and yoga.  We also thought about how it made us feel - we found out that exercise gives us happy hormones!
Maths:  we have been showing Miss Jones a whole host of maths skills this week as we prepare to move into Year 3.  She is so impressed with how much we have learned this year and how we can apply our super skills to all kinds of maths problems!
Topic:  We tried very hard to put ourselves in the shoes of Rosa Parks and wrote what we thought her diary would say.  We were really interested in her story... you can click here to hear it too.
PE:  We were so sad that Monday's football session with Jim was our last!  He has taught us so many new skills and has helped us to work in teams.  Thank you Jim!