Year 2 News: 12th March 2020

12th March 2020
Star of the Week:  Hazel
Mathematician of the Week:  Toby
Writer of the Week:  Amelia M
Rocking Reader:  Noah S
Values Champion:  Taryn
Numeracy:  We have continued our work on fractions this week, finding a third of a number or an object.  We have also begun to see how this can help us find 2/3 or 3/4.
Literacy:  Wilf is a cocky little wolf-cub who has a bit of a scare when he gets lost.  Thankfully, lots of animals are on-hand to guide him home.  We have been investigating the ways we can describe his character, using evidence from the book, "The Way Home for Wolf", by Rachel Bright.
Science:  Our experiment to see what plants need to grow is going really well.  We've noticed that the seed that hasn't got any light has germinated, but it doesn't look green like the one that does.  We're looking forward to seeing what happens next!  In the meantime, we have all planted a sunflower seed - we're going to see who can grow the tallest!
PE:  We went outside for Stelissa this week - it was brilliant!  We did dances from around the world.  Our cricket coach was also impressed with our focus this week - we are working hard at our throwing and catching skills.
RE:  As Easter approaches, we remembered lots about the Easter Story, then sequenced the events from the Bible in our books.