Year 2 News: 12th November 2020

12th November 2020
Star of the Week:  Anabelle
Mathematician of the Week: Jude
Writer of the Week: Jack
Rocking Reader: Betty
We joined our friends in the other class bubbles, along with Mr Payne, Mrs Parmley and our Governors to mark Remembrance Day on Wednesday.  At 11 o'clock we observed a 2 minute silence whilst wearing the beautiful poppies we had made earlier in the week.
We have spent time talking about remembrance and poppies with Miss Bishop.  It made us very grateful to those who had gone off to fight in wars on our behalf.
Thank you to everyone who donated to the poppy appeal this year.  We were astounded by your generosity and really touched to see some children bringing in their own money that they wanted to give to this very special charity.
Year 2 is all about building on the work we did in Year 1, so Miss Bishop is really impressed with how our phonics, reading and spelling is getting better all the time.  The three are very closely linked, so we are finding we can read words we've never read before, just by using the skills we've been learning and building on since Reception!
Literacy: We've been looking closely at our writing this week, thinking about the past and present tense.  We used sentences about London in the past and present, adding a connective to show we were comparing the two. 
Maths: We started the week thinking about how our number bonds can help us work out number bonds to 100.  We worked both practically and in our books to show that if we know that (for example) 2 + 2 = 4, we also know what 20 + 20 is!
Later in the week, we focused on 1 more and 1 less but this time we used some really big 2 digit numbers!  We realised that there are lots of ways to help us work this out.  Some used the inverse, others counted on, whilst some of us used our knowledge of "ones" and applied it to these trickier number problems.
Topic:  We've had lots of fun in topic this week.  We put together a timeline that stretched all the way across the classroom!  It included some very important events and dates, right up to the present day.  We thought about how if only some of them had come earlier, it could have prevented some events.  If only Florence Nightingale had been around before the plague, it just might have been a bit different!
PE:  We loved our basketball lesson on Tuesday!  Ollie has taught us to push the ball down to the ground, rather than slap it (ouch!).  We had a go at dribbling the ball around the playground and took part in challenges against our partner!  At lunchtime, Mrs Shaw inspired us all by showing us videos of the Harlem Globetrotters!  She thinks we will be just as good as they are by the time we've finished!
PSHCE:  After thinking about the different kinds of feelings we can experience last week, we worked through some scenarios where we had to try and work out how others were feeling.  We were given clues about what had happened to them and how their bodies reacted.  We were very careful to consider everyone's thoughts and opinions as we know that some people react differently to others.
Playtime: We don't always bring you playtime news, but this week has been so much fun, we thought we had to!  We love being outside in our beautiful surroundings - especially in the autumn as the leaves begin to fall.  We have had a terrific time playing in the leaves - some of us even made Leaf Angels!  Some of us then helped Mr Oliver clean them up off the playground.  We were allowed to use his brush, spade and wheelbarrow but he drew the line at letting us use the leaf blower!