Year 2 News: 12th October 2017

12th October 2017
Star of the Week:  Louis
Mathematician of the Week:  Noah
Writer of the Week:  Bella
Values Champion:  George
Our homework this week is to think of characters to put in our own Traction Man-style stories - Miss Jones can't wait to see what ideas Year 2 come up with!
LITERACY:  Traction Man has been back in action this week - we have been planning a class story which we have based in a school.  Will the Evil Chair really roll over our favourite super hero...? Will Scrubbing Brush save the day...?  I think we can safely say, our stories will have a happy ending!
NUMERACY:  A lot of our work this week has been investigating number bonds to 20.  We have used number tracks, ten frames and even bean bags to generate and create fact families!
SCIENCE:  Our investigation this week gave us the chance to apply different forces to various objects.  We wanted to know if a squeeze, stretch, bend or twist could change the shape of materials.
E-SAFETY:  We thought about all the things we love using the internet for and created a set of class rules to make sure we use it safely, responsibly and respectfully.  We read a story about DigiDuck - he had an important decision to make about posting information online, so we talked about what we would advise him to do.  We know that we should always tell a responsible adult if there is anything on the computer that we are not sure about or if something upsets us - just like we would in the real world.
TOPIC HOMEWORK:  We have had some fantastic fire safety posters and are steadily creating a mini-version of a London street thanks to all the the terrific model houses that have been created!