Year 2 News: 13th December 2018

13th December 2018
Star of the Week:  Layla
Mathematician of the Week:  Max
Writer of the Week:  Josh
Values Champion:  Noah
Maths:  We know how important it is to be asleep when Father Christmas comes, so Miss Jones has been helping us brush-up on our time-telling skills in maths this week!  We have been reading and making "o'clock" and "half past" the hour.  We also investigated seconds, minutes and hours by timing how long it took for us to complete tasks during the school day.
Literacy:  We put ourself in the shoes (or paws!) of Mog the Cat this week, after reading about her Calamitous Christmas adventure!  We have retold the story from her point of view, thinking about the order things happened and how she might have felt at different times.
We have also been trying really hard to write some super letters to Father Christmas.  We have tried to include information about ourselves and to ask him some questions.  The one we all want to know is "How do your reindeers fly?".
PE:  The weather meant last week's hockey session was cancelled, so Ben is kindly coming to work with us for one last time on Friday.  We can't wait to put all the skills we have sharpened to the test in some fun games.
Christingle:  We are all looking forward to making a Christingle orange on Friday too!