Year 2 News: 13th June 2019

13th June 2019
Star of the Week:  Bodhi
Mathematician of the Week:  Freddie C
Writer of the Week:  Annabelle
Rocking Reader:  Marcus
Values Champion (Trust):  Layla
It was a shame that our PE festival was postponed on Wednesday, but we are hoping a new date might be found before the end of term.
Homework has been sent out this week - it should be a fun way to keep our skills sharp!  It would also be really useful to work on our times tables as we heard this week that the government wants us to know them all by the time we finish Year 4!
Numeracy:  This week we have been spending our time learning about... time!  We are all really good at making times on the hour and past the hour.  Some of us are even making times to the hour in increments of 5 - wow!  The key to learning how to tell/write the time is practice, so every time we see a clock we are going to test ourselves!
Literacy:  Our focus has been on letter writing this week.  We have looked closely at the different parts of a letter and have tried to structure our work in  a similar way (address, date, greeting, introduction, body, conclusion, sign-off, PS).  Along the way we have added interesting sentences and adjectives.
Science:  We have started to find out about plants and what they need to grow.  We are going to design an experiment to test our ideas and even do some planting in the flowerbeds around school.  Weather permitting we will be bringing home this term's homework next week... a plant that we are each going to try to look after... we are so excited!