Year 2 News: 14th February 2019

14th February 2019
Star of the Week:  Lola
Mathematician of the Week:  Oscar
Writer of the Week:  Isla H
Values Champion (Endurance):  Evie
We've been going times-table-tastic this week!  We've been trying really hard to perfect our 2 and 5 times tables.  We have all improved thanks to the games we have played - some of us are at the stage where we just know the answer straight away without having to work it out.
Tables are really important foundations for the rest of our maths - they help us a great deal, so please keep up the great work at home.
Art:  We have continued to experiment with the style of pointillism, trying to create new colours by putting different coloured dots side by side.
Topic:  We found out lots about penguins and how they have adapted to survive in extreme conditions.  We are creating some terrific penguin masks.
Numeracy:  In addition to our times tables, we have been trying to draw and use number lines.  We have been using them to add and subtract.
Literacy:  We made some super Soctopus toys, then wrote instructions to teach other people how to make them.  Some of us found ways to improve our work.