Year 2 News: 14th June 2020

14th June 2020
It's been another busy week in Year two, with lots of excellent work being produced.
In numeracy we have finished our work on position and direction. Miss Bishop is very relieved as she was getting very dizzy trying to work out the different turns that were being made. We have also been revisiting some of our key skills. We have used our times tables and reminded ourselves of odd and even numbers. 
This week, in literacy, we have been thinking a little more about the character of the old man in the Tin Forest and how we could find out more about him. We thought of different questions and then tried to think what the answers might be. We looked at some different sentences too to see if we could spot mistakes that had been made. Checking our work is really important and we need to make sure that there are capital letters and punctuation in the right places and that spelling is accurate. 
As well as visiting the Tin Forest, some of us visited the Tower of London. We tried to find out some really interesting facts and there were some amazing ones about animals. Did you know that a baboon was on its way to live there but threw cannonballs and killed a sailor? There was also a lion who bit off a maids arm? Year Two have taught Miss Bishop a lot about the Tower!
A great week. Well done. We miss you and wish you were in school but we know you are working really hard and we're so proud of you.