Year 2 News: 14th March 2021

14th March 2021
It was wonderful to welcome Year 2 back to school on Monday, we've missed being together so much.
We've been reading Oliver Jeffers' "What We'll Build" to think about how we can rebuild friendships and routine after being away for so long.  We thought the things we would need to build objects but also what we have to do to build other things like trust, love and respect.
Miss Bishop is very proud of how we are all aware of our own emotions and are learning to spot them in our friends.  There were lots of examples this week when children talked about how they felt and went to help others who needed a friend.
Things might not always go smoothly, but we realised that by looking at things differently and trying again and again can result in some wonderful results.  Just like the models we made using plastic pots, boxes, bottle tops, kitchen rolls and anything else we could get our hands on!
We had a brilliant football lesson with Ollie on Tuesday - we're learning how to dribble the ball and trying to keep it close to our feet so we can make it go where we want it to.
Whilst we worked a lot on getting back into our routine and enjoying lots of lovely time with our friends, we also thought about our Mum's who have been even more amazing recently.  We made cards and wrote a special message for them.
Miss Bishop couldn't decide on one Star of the Week, so its ALL of us!