Year 2 News: 14th November 2019

14th November 2019
Star of the Week:  Noah W
Mathematician of the Week:  Summer
Writer of the Week:  Vincent
Rocking Reader:  Oscar
Values Champion:  Nora
Remembrance Day:  We talked about why it is important to remember sad times in history and the kind of sacrifices made by others that mean we can enjoy having choices and freedom.  We joined everyone in the hall and those all around the world for a period of reflection at 11 o'clock.
Odd Socks Day:  It was great to see so many odd socks on Tuesday!  We talked about what "bullying" means and what we would do if we ever felt like it was happening to us.  We also thought about how we could be part of a world where we celebrate our individuality and what we could do to make sure nobody felt left out.
Maths:  We've had a fantastic week in Maths, Miss Bishop is so impressed with us!  We have all been completing calculations of 2 digit numbers using column addition and subtraction - some of us even used expanded column addition when our "ones" added up to more than 10!  To use this method, it is really important we know which digit is our "tens" and which is our "ones" - most of us are really getting the hang of it!
Literacy:  We looked at how verbs change when we put them into the past tense.  We are going to work really hard at making sure our writing stays in the same tense all the way through.
PE:  We had lots of fun in our first football coaching session.  We showed our coach lots of respect and played mini games with terrific spirit.
Music:  Our Charanga music lesson with Mrs Ball was lots of fun on Wednesday!  We loved pulling funny faces to warm up our voices!
Nativity:  We are in full Nativity rehearsal mode now, with some of us already knowing our lines!  It is so important to practice them at home as we can stand up with confidence and enjoy being part of the play!  Thank you to those who have begun to sort out costumes - either from home or by asking school to provide them.  If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask!