Year 2 News: 15th March 2018

15th March 2018
Star of the Week:  Noah
Mathematician of the Week:  Louis
Writer of the Week:  Tessy
Values Champion:  Louis
LITERACY:  We have had a fun week creating our own 'disgusting recipes', based on the book 'The Disgusting Sandwich'.  We collected ingredients when we were at Forest School on Wednesday, including moss, mud, twigs and pebbles.  When we got back to school we thought of interesting adjectives to describe them and some bossy verbs that will help the reader make their own version of our 'Vile Soup', 'Horrible Noodles' and 'Putrid Pizza'!
Miss Jones was very impressed with how we presented our work and the effort we put into writing our recipes... although we aren't sure whether we want to sample them... do you?
NUMERACY:  We have put lots of effort into learning more about time this week.  We have been counting in 5s to work out lots of different times 'to' and 'past' the hour.  Some of us have been challenged to try and tell the time using only one hand of the clock... we worked out that sometimes this is possible, but sometimes it isn't.  We are all going to practice telling the time lots when we are at home and when we are out and about.
ART:  We looked at the work of artists who used pointillism, like George Seurat and even had a go at using the technique ourselves.  We are sharpening our skills to get ready for creating our own works of art on a rainforest theme!
PE:  We continue to have a fantastic time in Tai Chi thanks to our lovely teacher, Mrs Baker.  We really look forward to seeing her every Friday.  She is teaching us a routine and also drops in lots of facts about China - including teaching us how to speak a few words in Chinese!