Year 2 News: 15th October 2020

15th October 2020
Star of the Week:  Molly
Mathematician of the Week:  Libby
Writer of the Week:  Anabelle
Rocking Reader:  Lorianna
Values Champion (Friendship):  Freddie
We've been busy rehearsing our Class Assembly as we made history on Thursday!  We became the first class to Zoom our performance on this term's value to the rest of the school!  Everyone played a part as we acted out the story of The Little Red Hen and reflected on how our friendships had stayed strong even over lockdown.
Miss Bishop was very proud of us all - she says we are now stars of the big screen... well, the interactive whiteboards anyway!
We've posted a video of the poem we performed on our website.  Click here to see it!
Literacy:  We met a little alien in our new story this week.  Beegu is an alien who loses his mummy when she lands on Earth and tries her very best to make friends.  We wrote about what we remembered about the story and experiences we might have had that are similar to Beegu's.
Maths:  We've moved on to counting in 3s this week... we noticed there is not simple pattern like when we count in our 2s and 10s so found it a little more tricky.  We're determined not to give up though and used number lines and 100 Squares to help us.
Topic:  We made timelines of the Victorian period this week.  We were amazed at all the things that happened during the reign of Queen Victoria, especially the invention of ice cream!  We were pleased that she made sure small children were banned from being sent to work in mines or up chimneys though.