Year 2 News 15th September 2017

15th September 2017
We've enjoyed a busy first full week back in Year is just some of what we've been up to!
LITERACY:  We've been enjoying learning a poem called "The Sound Collector" by Roger McGough.  We made actions and drew pictures to help us retell and rewrite it.  Next week we are going to use what we have learned to change it a little bit.
NUMERACY:  There have been numbers everywhere as we've been generating and comparing 2-digit numbers.  We've been partitioning and using our 'tens' and 'ones' to help us.
SMSC:  Everyone took time to think how important it is to have and to be a good friend in SMSC.  We paid each other lots of compliments and realised it feels nice to be nice!
HOMEWORK:  Archie's Great Fire of London cakes were DELICIOUS...thanks Archie!
PS...there were no Stars, Writers, Mathematicians or Values Champs awarded last week as it was the first week back.