Year 2 News: 16th January 2020

16th January 2020
Star of the Week:  Seb
Mathematician of the Week:  Jack
Writer of the Week:  Archie
Rocking Reader:  Avhin
Values Champion:  Oliver B
It has been another wonderful combination of work and fun in Year 2 this week!
Maths:  We completed our work on shape this week, digging deeper into properties and creating categories to sort 3D shapes into.
Literacy:  We designed a healthy meal for Boggis, Bunce and Bean this week, then wrote them a letter to explain why they should change their diet from the food they currently eat... we thought 9 chickens or doughnuts stuffed with liver and lots of cider might not be a very healthy option so tried to use some persuasive language!
We are trying to improve our letter formation and handwriting as we are becoming really super spellers!  The tasks we do first thing in the morning are really working - Mr Payne is very impressed when he walks through our classroom at 9 o'clock and we are all busy, tackling our target words!
Guided Reading:  We really enjoy sharing books in class and some of us are becoming lovely and fluent.  Please remember to record every time you read at home too - some children's reading records are lovely and full and this really shows when they read with their guided reading group!
Science:  We found out what things we need to look for when finding out if something is alive, was once alive or has never been alive.  We sorted lots of things out into the three different categories using the "MRS NERG" characteristics of living things:  moves, respires, sensitivity, nutrients, excretion, reproduces, grows.
Geography:  Our first visit abroad took us to Paris, France!  We will be learning about a place on each continent over the coming weeks.  We used clues to work out where we were, then looked at maps and pictures to find facts about Paris - it was really good fun to speak a little bit of French... I wonder where we will go next week?
Music:  Mrs Ball introduced us to the band Queen this week!  We sang our own song about being in a band, then listened carefully for Brian May play the electric guitar in "We Will Rock You"!
This week, letters have gone home about our trip to the Botanical Gardens.  We're really looking forward to the visit which will tie-in to our art and science so please return the permission slips as soon as possible!