Year 2 News: 18th January 2018

18th January 2018
Star of the Week:  Charlie
Mathematician of the Week:  Theo
Writer of the Week:  Louis
Values Champion:  Megan
Literacy:  We wrote our traditional tales this week and took lots of care to include story language, punctuation and exclamation sentences... How hard we all worked!  Mr Payne came to see us working and was delighted with what we had produced.
Numeracy:  It was time to learn about... time this week!  We have been challenging ourselves to use 'a quarter to' and 'a quarter past' the hour.  We realised that if we cut our clock into quarters it helps us work out what time it is.  There are 15 minutes in each quarter, which means 60 minutes in a whole hour.  We have also been spotting where the hour hand is at various times within an hour.  Some of us realised that we can sometimes tell the time with only the hour hand - we didn't need the minute hand!
Topic:  We have been developing our work about oceans from last week and thinking about what they might be like deep under the surface.  We found out that some oceans are almost like big cities for sea creatures, whilst others are very cold.
PSHCE:  We learned about 'rights' - things that every child in the world should have to live a full and healthy life.  Lots of countries have agreed a long list of rights, including the right to play, to have a home, to go to school and to have access to doctors.  We loved singing the "We've Got Rights" song - click on the link and we can sing it with you if you like!