Year 2 News: 18th October 2018

18th October 2018
Star of the Week:  Oscar
Mathematician of the Week:  Amelia
Writer of the Week:  Natasha
Values Champion:  Lily-Mae
Literacy:  We have been learning about different sentence types.  Did you know that sentences can be statements, questions, exclamations or exclamatory?  It has been brilliant!  How hard Year 2 have worked!***
We have also been looking at compound words; taking two words and putting them together to make a new one!
Numeracy:  Its been all about the tens this week!  We have been adding and subtracting multiples of ten and applying our knowledge to different kinds of problems.  Some of us have been able to cross the 100 barrier and have even been thinking about negative numbers!
RE:  It was time to reflect on Harvest this week, as we all produced our ideas on why this time of year is important in the Christian calendar.  Some of us wrote prayers whilst others wrote recounts of our visit to church.
Big Maths:  Some of us have been choosing to play games to help us with our Big Maths-Beat That! during snack time.  Just doing this for 10 minutes, a few times a week is already showing good results for those who give it a go!
Games like this are great to play at home - along with Number Bond Tennis, or the Odd/Even game.  Why not let us teach you to play it at home?
***Did you spot the different types of sentence?