Year 2 News: 19th September 2019

19th September 2019
Star of the Week:  Nora
Mathematician of the Week:  Bentley
Writer of the Week:  Noah W
Values Champion (Friendship):  Ava
Snoop the Sloth was thrilled to be spending time with Nora this week!  He accompanies each Star of the Week home on Friday and returns the following week with his bag and his diary.  We can't wait to hear what adventures he gets up to this year.
Numeracy:  We have continued to explore place value, using what we have learned to solve different kinds of one step and two step problems.  We have found out that we can use our knowledge of tens and ones to work out 2 digit number problems and to compare 2 or more 2 digit numbers.  For the latter, we have returned to using our inequality signs:  <, = and >.
Literacy:  It is only September in Year 2 but we are really impressing Miss Bishop with our wonderful writing skills.  We have all tried hard to plan and write our own story about an animal - based on what we heard in the story of Dumpling by Dick King-Smith.
We wrote about rabbits who were missing their teeth, cats with only one leg or too long legs, tadpoles who could not swim and monkeys who could not swing.  Don't worry though, our stories had happy endings as our animals soon solved their problems (thanks to magic dogs, magic cats and many more amazing characters) and learned that they were great the way they were!
Learning Journey:  In our lesson about the Great Fire of London, we thought about the different materials used to make buildings in 1666 compared to now.  We tried to explain why the materials were suitable or not by thinking about their properties.  For example, the buildings in London burned so quickly because in the past they were all made out of wood, which is extremely flammable.  Nowadays we use bricks because they are strong.
Handwriting:  Our lesson on Friday is when we have specific handwriting practise, but to help make sure our super stories can be enjoyed by everyone, we have been working on keeping our handwriting neat all the time.
Phonics:  a sound that everyone found tricky in Year 1, was the /or/ sound when you spell it 'au' or 'aw'.  We played a few games of Catchphrase to help us learn which one to choose - every picture was of something containing our focus sound... it was really good fun and we are getting much better at choosing the right option!