Year 2 News: 1st February 2018

1st February 2018
Star of the Week:  Bella
Mathematician of the Week:  Samantha
Writer of the Week:  Archie
Values Champion:  Ethan
We have worked very hard this week and are looking forward to a fab Forest School on Friday!
LITERACY:  This week we have been writing up our instructions for "How to Make a Sock Penguin".  We have made sure we included bossy verbs and have tried to include adverbs to help the reader.  Our value this term is endurance, which is appropriate because we are writing more and for longer than ever before.  We even went back to our work and improved it.
NUMERACY:  We have been using partitioning number lines to help us work out addition an subtraction calculations this week.  We learned that by combining our knowledge of number bonds and partitioning we can make our maths much easier for ourselves!  We have also been sharing and grouping using number lines to help us answer division calculations.  Some of us even used the inverse of division (multiplication) to check our answers.
Because we have worked so hard on our numeracy, Miss Jones gave us some time to play some maths games this week.  We loved using our maths skills to take on our friends in games of Top Trumps!
GUIDED READING:  We love reading all kinds of books, so this week we have been comparing fiction and non-fiction texts in guided reading.  We spotted differences in the features of both.  Amongst other things we noticed fiction books often have illustrations, speech and characters, whilst non-fiction books have contents, an index, page titles and diagrams.