Year 2 News: 20th September 2020

20th September 2020
Miss Bishop is so impressed with the way Year 2 have returned to school... what a happy group of learners!  She found it almost impossible to pick out our first Stars of the week - well done to everyone for making her job so tricky!
Star of the Week: Libby
Mathematician of the Week: Celine
Writer of the Week: Leon
Reader of the Week: Lexie
Values Champion: Jude, Molly
Maths:  We've been working on our place value, using different equipment to show how 2 digit numbers are made up of "tens" and "ones".  We found lots of ways to partition (split) numbers into two groups and looked for patterns in our answers.  We have focused on our numbers to 20 then 50 and are becoming really secure in counting forwards and backwards using our place value knowledge to help.
Literacy:  We've already written lots of different kinds of texts using our book "Here We Are" by Oliver Jeffers.  We introduced any passing aliens to the things they might see when visiting Earth, then thought about how we have our own little place on our planet which we care about and want to keep safe!  We also wrote our own version of the song, "What a Wonderful World" using our playground as the setting.
Topic:  We're learning about London this term.  So far we've seen where it is on the map and found out it is our capital city, where all our laws are made.  We investigated what landmarks we might see there, and what physical features can be found.
RE:  We used our detective skills to think about what story we might be learning about, looking closely at a selection of pictures.  Mrs Shaw was impressed with the ideas we came up with.  She read us the story of The Prodigal Son and thought about how all the characters might have felt.  We also talked about why Jesus would use this story to teach his followers an important lesson.  We had a great time making puppets and acting out the story ourselves!
PE:  We have a coach teaching us tennis skills on Tuesdays, then we enjoy a multiskills session with Mr Ball on Wednesday.  We love being outside!