Year 2 News: 21st November 2019

21st November 2019
Mathematician of the Week:  Seb
Writer of the Week:  Oliver B
Rocking Reader:  Brooklyn
Values Champion (Respect):  Noah S
Nativity:  Rehearsals are in full effect - please help your children to learn their lines as they will be getting onto the stage next week.... how exciting!  Thank you to everyone who has sent in costumes already, if you are struggling to source one, please let us know in plenty of time as we can help.  Costumes need to be sent in a named bag as soon as possible please.  Tickets are also being issued this week too.
The children are working very hard to learn where and when they should be on stage, saying their lines nice and confidently and having lots of fun as a team!  We look forward to seeing them on stage for both performances on both the 3rd and 4th December.
Numeracy:  We have been thinking about all the skills we have learned so far this term and applying them to working with money.  Our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, adding three numbers together and place value all helps us work with £s and p.
Literacy:  We've been trying to help Jemima Puddleduck by writing chronological reports about how to hatch eggs.  We have made sure we write in the order things happen and use time words like first, then, next and finally.
Learning Journey:  for our Great Fire of London topic, we have thought about the after-effects the fire had on the city.  We looked at the difference it made and argued as to whether the changes were positive or negative.
Heartsmart:  We thought about how we can let love into our hearts this week and how little things we do or say can mean so much to those around us.  Sometimes it is hard to accept help or love, but we all deserve it and are all special in our own, unique way.