Year 2 News: 22nd November 2018

22nd November 2018
Star of the Week:  Isla H
Mathematician of the Week:  Bodhi
Writer of the Week:  Charlotte
Values Champions:  ALL of Year 2 for performing in our Class Assembly last Friday!
We were thrilled that Miss Jones gave us all the title of Values Champion this week after we delivered a fantastic Class Assembly to the school and our special guests.  The theme was this term's Hanbury Value, RESPECT.  We had learned a brilliant rap and tried to explain how everyone is different but they all should be given respect.
HeartSmart:  We created some special hearts to go on the classroom wall, where Miss Jones can display our photographs when we are HeartSmart.  This means we make a choice that fills someone else's heart with love, which in turn fills our own hearts too!
Maths:  We created lots of symmetrical patterns in maths this week - Miss Jones and Mrs Shaw were amazed at how well we all did!
Literacy:  We heard about Michael, a boy who invented some fantastic reasons why he couldn't go to school!  We had a go at making up our own excuses and writing them in a friendly letter to Miss Jones.  Some of us had to go and score a goal for our favourite football team, whilst others went to rescue Superman from the top of Mount Everest after he lost his super powers!
This week's homework is to read 5 times and to learn the lines for our forthcoming Nativity.  We have been rehearsing at school, but learning our lines at home is really important.  Our words and costume requests have been sent home.  Just let school know if you would rather have a costume from the school supply!
We really enjoyed meeting Rev Morris and learning about Christingle on Thursday.  We took the Christingle orange apart by making each part and thought about what each of them meant.