Year 2 News: 22nd September 2017

22nd September 2017
Star of the Week:  Noah
Writer of the Week:  Tessy
Mathematician of the Week:  Ashley
Values Champion:  Louis
We've had a few sneezes and sniffles, but Year 2 have kept smiling, worked hard and packed in lots of learning this week.
LITERACY:  We all changed the poem we were learning last week.  It wasn't easy as the rhyming words needed to be in the right places to follow the ABCB pattern Roger McGough had used.  We created some super poems of our own, imagining that "The Sound Collector" came into school and took away lots of noises like "the scraping of the pencil"  or the noise of "feet that stamp upon the floor".
NUMERACY:  We carried on developing our partitioning skills and have used all we learned last week to solve problems using 2 digit numbers.  We have been trying to work out and even write our own word problems using money and length.
SCIENCE:  We looked at lots of objects and thought about what materials they were made from.  We described their properties and decided why they were made from the different materials.
TOPIC:  As part of our topic about The Great Fire of London, we created storyboards showing what happened and when in chronological order.   We found out that the fire spread so quickly because many of the houses were made of flammable material and were built very close to each other.
TOPIC HOMEWORK:  We have had another very delicious creation from Ethan and a very imaginative poem about fire, written by Tessy.
Well done to those children who have already returned this week's homework, had a go at the Spelling Log and to everyone who has read their reading book 3 times or more.  Not only does it really help with your work at school, it also earns you dojo points!