Year 2 News: 23rd November 2017

23rd November 2017
Star of the Week:  Ethan
Mathematician of the Week:  Charlie
Writer of the Week:  Harry
Values Champion:  Noah
This week Miss Jones has given us homework to learn our lines for the Nativity and to read as much as we can.  We have been rehearsing the play and are looking forward to getting onto the stage next week.  We have asked for costumes to be sent in by Monday.  We can supply costumes if this proves tricky, but need to know by Monday please.
Literacy:  We have been creating our own imaginative reasons for why we cannot come to school and planning how we would write to tell Miss Jones!  Some of us are off exploring the world whilst others are stuck up a tree in the Amazon Jungle!
Science:  We have built houses for our clay pigs out of different materials and are preparing to test their strength against the Big Bad Wolf!
PE:  We had an amazing but exhausting Jump Rope workshop, where some of us managed to skip for the first time EVER!  We skipped forwards, backwards and were all very brave, running under the long rope as it went over our heads!
Forest School:  We had lots of fun on Monday - we searched for symmetry in nature and created a sound map of the Forest School site.  We also enjoyed building dens and climbing trees after some delicious hot chocolate, biscuits and marshmallows!
Religious Education:  We had a fantastic day thinking about the anticipation of Advent.  Reverend David Morris came to see us all and we sang him a song from our Nativity about his favourite part of the Christmas story.  We created some sparkling Advent doors which explain our favourite parts of the story too.