Year 2 News: 24th January 2019

24th January 2019
Star of the Week:  Rory
Mathematician of the Week:  Isla C
Writer of the Week:  Natasha
Values Champion (Endurance):  Lola
Miss Jones was delighted to see so many parents and carers at the Year 2 meeting this week - thank you very much to those who could make it.
We've made very good use of our time in maths this week... learning how to read quarter past and quarter to the hour on analogue clocks.  We're even trying to tell the time by just looking at the hour hand - lots of us are very good at it!  Please help us by asking us the time as much as you can, or asking us to work out how long it is until tea, bath or bed!
In CLIC we have been continuing to use place value and have been partitioning 2 digit numbers to help us work out addition calculations.  It is wonderful to see the children who have been practicing their Big Maths-Beat That! are seeing their scores improve as a result of their effort - keep going everybody!
Our fairy tales are nearly complete!  We are all using our plans to help us create traditional tales, with a twist.  We have included lots of princes, princesses, knights, dragons, fairies, witches... and even an obedient engineer!
Our science work has been linked to our topic this week  We have been thinking about different habitats all around the world.  We tried to work out what kinds of animals can live in deserts, forests, oceans and polar regions and what these areas are like.
Topic homework has been sent out and we've already seen our first creation!  Don't forget one piece needs to be handed in before and after half term, with another one over the course of this term.  We have an ever-expanding classroom display, then celebrate everyone's work at an end of term "Museum" which the children really enjoy.  We hope that they will all have something to show and to be proud of.
If any support is needed with the weekly homework that we send home, please encourage your child to ask.  Miss Jones and Mrs Shaw are more than happy to spend some time going through it with them.  House points are given to everyone handing their books in on the following Monday.