Year 2 News: 24th January 2020

24th January 2020
Star of the Week:  Noah S
Mathematician of the Week: Hazel
Writer of the Week:  Summer
Rocking Reader:  Toby
Values Champion:  Amelia-Rose
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Literacy:  We have been writing some brilliant newspaper articles about the events in our book, "Fantastic Mr Fox".  We have tried to answer the questions:  who?  what?  why?  where?  when?  how? in our story, and have included a headline, images and quotes from those involved.  We wanted to put both sides of the story and explain what Boggis, Bunce and Bean had been up to!
Maths:  We have started to think about multiplication this week.  We began by counting how many was in an equal group, then how many groups we had.  By Friday, we were writing multiplication sentences of our own!
Geography:  We took a trip to China this week, learning about the food they eat (and the special chopsticks they use to eat it!), their New Year celebrations and where in the world China is, compared to last week's location in France.
Handwriting:  A big focus for us at the moment is to perfect our letter formation and our overall handwriting.  We are looking closely at the shape of our letters and how we can improve our work so everyone can enjoy our wonderful writing!