Year 2 News: 26th September 2019

26th September 2019
Star of the Week:  Alex
Mathematician of the Week:  Alfred
Writer of the Week:  Noah S
Rocking Reader:  Archie
Values Champion (Friendship):  Seb
Maths:  We have been consolidating our place value skills and have moved onto counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  We made special 100 squares to help us work out the missing numbers on number tracks.  We tried not to get tricked into going wrong by working out if our numbers were getting bigger or smaller!
Literacy:  We met Jemima Puddle Duck this week!  We became story detectives and used what we had read to work out who the characters in the story were and what was happening.  We had to concentrate as the language Beatrix Potter uses is a bit different to how we speak and write.
Guided Reading:  We are working hard in our groups to challenge our reading skills.  Some of us are concentrating on blending all the sounds we know, whilst others are quizzing on books we have read independently.  Miss Bishop is really impressed with our focus and determination to get better at reading.
Learning Journey:  We've been learning how the Great Fire of London spread really quickly.  To try and work out how and why this happened, we have compared the properties of brick and wood, most notably whether they were flammable or inflammable.  Then, we saw for ourselves how it might have happened, with an amazing experiment!
Mr Payne and Miss Bishop set up two streets.  One was Pudding Lane in 1666 (there was even a bakery with cake in it!), where the houses were all made of wood and straw and were built really close together.  The other street still had the wooden houses but we separated them with a brick.
After we stood well back, Mr Payne used a blow-torch to set one of the houses in each street alight.  As the wind fanned the fire, we saw how the whole of Pudding Lane was soon on fire.  Despite Miss Bishop trying to put it out using old-fashioned "buckets" of water and squirters, its path was only stopped when it reached "the Thames". 
The house set on fire in the street with a fire break (the brick), still burned and eventually collapsed, but the next door neighbour's house was not affected at all.  They would have had plenty of time to escape and their building was left standing.
The experiment gave us the chance to talk about how we should still be careful and respect the dangers fire can do, but also that our houses are much safer these days, and that we have lots of safety features built in to buildings now.  We are also very grateful that we have highly trained firefighters, with modern equipment... not Miss Bishop and her bucket!
Heartsmart:  We talked about power and what it means in Heartsmart this week.  At first some of us thought you only have power if you are big and strong.  However, the more we thought about it, we realised that everyone has power and that it we can use it to do amazing things!  We couldn't believe it when Miss Bishop told us that an ant has power - but then she told us that some ants can lift 50 times their own weight!  That's like us lifting Year 3 and 4 in one go... WOW!