Year 2 News: 26th September 2020

26th September 2020
Star of the Week: Freddie
Mathematician of the Week: Harrison
Writer of the Week: Betty
Rocking Reader: Deniro
Values Champion (Friendship): Anabelle
Can you believe we were designing Christmas cards this week?!  It may sound early, but The Friends will be sending home copies of our designs and a price list in case you would like some unique works of art to send to your friends and families this year.  Funds go towards resources and activities that benefit the whole school, so any support you give will be gratefully received.
Maths: We spent time investigating how to partition 2 digit numbers using part-whole models this week, building on our knowledge of place value.  We created 4 different number sentences using the models, showing how the "equal" sign doesn't always have to come at the end of our calculation.  If we think about it as meaning "is the same as" or as balancing our numbers, then we can put our "whole" at the start and the "parts" after it.
Literacy: Continuing our work on "Here We Are", we wrote factsheets on endangered animals this week.  We used the iPads and took notes (a new and quite tricky skill).  We then used the information to organise our work and create interesting sentences.
Earlier in the week we had thought about how every person on Earth is different but that there are things that we have in common.  We made models of ourselves to display in the classroom - they look fantastic!  We then talked about what "inclusive" and "equal" means and how we can make sure our school is an inclusive place to be.  We are all going to make sure that everyone has the chance to join in and that we treat everyone how we would want to be treated.
Heartsmart: We talked about how we want others to see us... by comparing ourselves to sandwiches! We know what's in a sandwich by looking at the filling, or reading the wrapper if it is from a shop.  However, if it is wrapped up, we can't always tell what's inside.  We thought about what would be in our own Heartsmart sandwich that people would see when they look at or think about us.  We wanted them to see kind, happy, fair children who share and always try their best.
Topic: We learned how the seasons affect our planet and more specifically, how they affect life in London.  We thought about what kind of activities we might do at different times of the year.  Some of us would choose to see the view from The London Eye in the summer, whilst others preferred seeing the Christmas lights on Regent Street in the winter!
PE: The rain stopped our lesson on Wednesday, but we loved our Coaching session on Tuesday!  We played team games and worked together to collect tennis balls whilst sharpening our racquet skills along the way.
Big Maths, Beat That!: It has been a very long time since we did our last Big Maths, Beat That! challenge, so Miss Bishop was very impressed how many children equalled or beat their best score.  Blank copies of the sums have been sent home to practice with - the aim is to get super quick at them!
We ended the week with a special "Go Noodle"... one of our favourite things to do!  We joined 2000 pupils from around the county to celebrate the Great British Week of Sport.  We had a great time grooving to "Banana, Banana, Meatball" together!  We also had a lovely afternoon choosing what to do, Miss Bishop let us get the paints, glue and construction sets out!