Year 2 News: 27th February 2020

27th February 2020
Star of the Week:  Neive
Mathematician of the Week: Holly  
Writer of the Week:  Jack
Rocking Reader:  Alfred
Values Champion:  Joseph
Thank you to everyone who has replied to the letter about the Year 2/Key Stage 1 Assessments which is being held on Wednesday 4th March.  It will be a great opportunity to hear how we deliver SATS to gain an insight into your child's progress in a relaxed and positive way.  Please return any outstanding reply slips as soon as possible, even if you are unable to attend as we can then ensure information from the meeting is passed on.
It has been a very active week in Year 2!  We have had our second Active Maths session, started cricket lessons on Wednesday afternoons and enjoyed our regular Stelissa workout on Thursday.
We also had a visit from Chessgrove Swim who taught us lots about water safety.  We thought about how we could keep ourselves safe in and near water, including in flooded areas which is particularly relevant at the moment!
Maths:  It has been a fraction frenzy this week!  We've shown how we can halve numbers by sharing equally between 2 groups and objects by splitting them into 2 equal parts.  We can also work out how to write what is half of a given amount.
Science:  After thinking about where our lunch comes from we started to create different food chains!  We found out that every chain starts with a plant and that certain animals are at the top of the food chains (including us!).
Geography:  We marked Shrove Tuesday by visiting Rio de Janeiro!  We found out about the Rio Carnival, Sugarloaf Mountain and Copacabana Beach.  We designed our own Carnival masks and wrote acrostic poems, using interesting vocabulary.
Spelling:  We worked out what letters are consonants and how this helps us when we want to add a suffix to change the meaning of our words.  When a word ends in an "e" and has a consonant before it, we take off the e and add our suffix (eg:  hike > hiked, nice > nicer, shine > shining).
RE:  We thought about this term's value of endurance in our lesson this week.  We completed a worksheet with how we show endurance, how others show endurance towards us and the way we can endure in aspects of our life in the future.  Examples included when our Mums helped us get used to starting school by encouraging us and giving us hugs, how we learned to ride our bikes by getting back on each time we fell off and how we are going to support our friends to achieve things in the future.