Year 2 News: 27th March 2021

27th March 2021
Star of the Week: Molly
Mathematician of the Week: Libby
Mathematician of the Week: Hollie
Rocking Reader: Jakob
Values Champion (Forgiveness): Anabelle
Of course, the best news from this week was that Freddie rang the bell to mark the end of his chemotherapy on Monday!  We were so honoured that he shared this incredibly special moment with us and are ridiculously proud of how he has faced this part of his life with such bravery.
We were delighted that Freddie completed a lap of honour around the playground as the whole school wanted to add their claps and cheers to a happy day!
We are eagerly watching the work that has also started on the ramp that will mean the school is more accessible for Freddie and for pupils that come to our school in the future.
Maths: We've done so much maths this week, Miss Bishop chose 2 people to be recognised!  We've been using place value and exchanging skills to learn how to add 2 digit numbers using the column method.  We've followed all the steps and found it really useful.  We even used it to work out answers where our 'ones' added up to more than ten.  Once we have this skill sorted, it will help us when we want to calculate using even bigger numbers!
Literacy:  We have completed our work on Oliver Jeffers' "What We'll Build" buy deciding what we would put on our "shelves" to help us in the future.  We also designed our own castles, putting the things we need to keep safe inside and what might try and frighten us outside.  We painted 2 splats of paint and decorated them with pictures of the things that make us who we are, then mixed our paints with a friend.  We painted another splat where we put the things that we have in common with them!
PE:  We designed our own games in PE on Friday!  Each group had the same equipment; 2 beanbags, a hoop and a luminous vest.  Miss Bishop was impressed with how lots of us worked together as teams and the way we taught our games to others.  It was brilliant to have a go at each one!
Heartsmart:  We carried on thinking about why "Too Much Selfie Isn't Healthy" by playing a game together.  One of us left the room whilst we changed one thing.  The person coming back had to try and spot what had changed... it was trickier than it sounds!  It made us realise that we are all special but if we only think about ourselves, we might miss noticing that someone around us needs our help.
RE: We took a video tour around a synagogue on Friday.  We were amazed at how beautiful it was and how many special objects there were.  We noticed that the Torah is very special to Jews.  It is kept in a place called an Ark and that a yad must be used to read it as you cannot touch it with your fingers.
Earlier in the week we made a prayer box that is similar to a Mezuzah - the box Jewish people put on the way into their houses that contains part of the Torah.  We also learned about Shabbat - a time in the week were Jews gather together, enjoy a day of rest, attend synagogue and follow rules about what they can and cannot do.
We've started rehearsing our Easter performance for next week's service.  We're looking forward to learning more about the Easter story all next week, along with the Easter Egg hunt on Thursday!