Year 2 News: 27th November 2020

27th November 2020
Star of the Week: Lexie
Mathematician of the Week: Leon
Writer of the Week: Hollie
Rocking Reader: Betty
Values Champion (Respect): Jakob
Our Christingle morning was a lovely chance to think about how God's light shines so brightly and how we can pass his light to others.  We all made a Christingle and thought about what the different parts represent.  Our little service was very special - we lit our candles and heard about how God's light never goes out.
Maths:  It's very important to know our number bonds to 10, so this week we started to sharpen our skills.  They come in really handy when we're adding 2 + 1 digit numbers that bridge the 10s (eg 34 + 9).  We combined this with our place value knowledge to build numbers using apparatus and exchange our "ones" for one ten.
There's a great number bond game on the Hit the Button website... see how many you can get!
Literacy:  Our writing was so good this week, Mr Payne came to read some of it.  We put ourselves in the place of a London cat in 1666, thinking about what they might see, smell and hear and how they would feel trying to outrun the Great Fire.  The language we used and the way we integrated our knowledge of London and the fire resulted in some amazing writing.
PE:  Ollie was amazed at how good we are getting at basketball - he said our dribbling skills have really improved.  We're going to try and get even better this week by practising at playtimes!
RE:  We took time to think about God's creations and how we can look after the world.  We also thought of all the things we are thankful for.