Year 2 News: 28th September 2017

28th September 2017
Star of the Week:  Amelia
Writer of the Week:  Megan
Mathematician of the Week:  Lilly
Values Champion:  Theo
Year 2 have started thinking about Harvest this week, and are learning a poem about Little Red Hen - if you want a sneaky peek or would like to practice, you can find it on YouTube by clicking here..*
We also wished Harrison a very Happy 7th Birthday!
LITERACY:  It is very fitting that today is National Poetry Day as we have created our own amazing poems!  Whilst they are all along the same theme of 'sounds', each one of us came up with our own ideas.
MATHS:  We have been using 'Squigglesworth' to help us partition 3 digit numbers, then used these skills to compare length.  We have also used our knowledge of 1m = 100cm to help us.
SCIENCE:  Year 2 had lots of fun testing materials to see if they are waterproof or absorbent... some of us found out that our socks were not waterproof at all!
TOPIC:  We learned that Samuel Peyps used code to write his diary during the Great Fire of London, so we invented our own codes and wrote messages to Miss Jones!  We also tried our hands at semaphore, passing messages onto our friends across the playground!
E-SAFETY:  We are all creating a display to help teach children about e-safety.  We have thought about what information we would and wouldn't share when we are online and who we would tell if we were having problems when we were on the internet.
Lilly has made a brilliant fire safety poster for her homework - it looks great on our wall!
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