Year 2 News: 2nd March 2018

2nd March 2018
Star of the Week:  Ashley
Mathematician of the Week:  Bella
Writer of the Week:  Megan
Values Champion:  Harry
LITERACY:  We looked closely at part of a Dick King-Smith story about a little dachshund puppy called Dumpling this week, thinking about how the author created characters using interesting adjectives.  We wrote our own extended noun phrases and tried to predict what happens next in the story, using clues from the text.  We also used what we knew about Dumpling to create 'LOST' posters.
Miss Jones was particularly impressed with the work we did on Thursday, writing detailed descriptions of snowy scenes.
NUMERACY:  We have been investigating arrays this week, using them to create multiplication and division facts.  We had to make sure we knew how many we had in one row before counting how many rows there were.  We could then work out our answer much quicker than counting in ones!
We have also been doing mini-challenges where we draw pictures to work out word problems.  We are getting really good at this!
TOPIC:  We learned about the different layers of the rainforest and what kind of plants and animals we might find in each layer should we ever venture there!