Year 2 News: 2nd May 2019

2nd May 2019
Year 2 have wasted no time getting back into the swing of things after the Easter break!  Miss Jones is very proud of the way everyone is working so hard to show Mrs Hope and Mrs Guest what superstars we all are!
We also welcomed Annabelle to Year 2, whilst Evie and Isla H finished their red spelling logs.
Numeracy:  We've been finding our own way to work out some extremely tricky subtraction number sentences this week.  We know that if we can use different methods, then nothing can stop us from having a go!  We wowed the teachers when we had a go at using column subtraction!
We know that having a good knowledge of number bonds really helps us with all kinds of calculations, so we are all going to try and brush up our skills at home this week... we'd love you to test us!
Literacy:  We've been focusing on our spelling this week.  Again, we wowed Mrs Hope with how we managed to keep up with the dictation challenge.  We also used look, cover, write, check to perfect words we find particularly tricky to spell.
PE:  We were very lucky to share a Zumba lesson with Year 2 on Thursday - it was terrific!  We followed the routines really carefully and loved dancing to the music.
Science:  We looked at food chains in science and found out that they start with a plant.  Because they make their own food, they are called 'producers', whilst the animals further up the chain are classed as 'consumers'.  The top predator is the one at the top of the chain who nobody eats!
Guided Reading:  We have been working on our comprehension of texts, talking about our own reading books, and answering questions on a poem which was written from a strawberry's point of view!  We tried hard to write our answers in full sentences.