Year 2 News: 30th January 2020

30th January 2020
Star of the Week:  Summer
Mathematician of the Week:  Ben
Writer of the Week:  Nora
Rocking Reader:  Ruby
Values Champion:  Alfred
We've been showing our nurturing side this week after being introduced to our class egg, Eggbert on Tuesday.
As part of our focus on our Christian Vision, we spent time with Reverend Morris, talking about what "flourish" means and how we can and do show nurturing behaviour in our lives.  We have a special box where we have been writing down the little things we do throughout the day that are nurturing.
Eggbert has been looked after by everyone in the class and has even been for sleep-overs.  He has been taken out and played with (he loved a game of fried and seek), he has learned about the Great Fire of London, heard stories, been kept warm and has gone for lunch each day.
We all got to go and have a go at being firefighters when Noah's dad kindly brought his fire engine to school!  We've learned about firefighting in the time of the Great Fire of London, so it was really interesting and exciting to see how it is done nowadays.  Thank you so much Crew Commander Smith!
Literacy:  We have completed our newspaper stories about Fantastic Mr Fox this week.  We have some super headlines that use alliteration or rhyme and have been careful to include key facts and represent both sides of the story.
We have also thought about suffixes.  We used a special rule to change a verb ending in a consonant and -y to make its spelling correct.  You just swap the y for an i then add your suffix -er, -est or -ed... easy!
To check for a consonant, we just make sure it isn't one of our vowels; a, e, i, o or u!
Numeracy:  Our next step to learning about multiplication has been to create arrays.  We could then write our own multiplication sentences using the symbol ' X ' 
RE:  We took a virtual tour of a mosque this week, looking at the features you would find inside and outside.  We were amazed to learn that they have domes as in the past it kept the mosque cool and spread the noise before the invention of microphones!  We then compared a mosque to a church, looking for similarities and differences.
Art:  Some of us created some fantastic Australian works of art that now make our topic display look wonderful.  We used dots like the Aborigines do and used colours that they would have created using natural resources like clay and plants.
We have all been busy creating our own rock pets too... we can't wait to show you what they are like and to bring them home.  Don't worry, they aren't very demanding pets!
Finally, well done to everyone who went to Young Voices on Monday.  Mrs Ball reported back that everyone represented Hanbury and Year 2 wonderfully well.  The children also showed terrific endurance by carrying on with their work all week despite having to catch up from a very late night!
What a busy week!