Year 2 News: 31st January 2019

31st January 2019
Star of the Week:  Amber
Mathematician of the Week:  Max
Writer of the Week:  Logan
Values Champion (Endurance):  Rex
We had a brilliant time with Paralympian, Darren Harris who came to put us through our paces on Tuesday!  We completed our sponsored circuit training and got to ask Darren some questions about how he plays football.
Numeracy:  We've been counting the pennies this week as we turn our focus to money!  We've been using coins to make different amounts, then seeing if we can exchange some coins for others whilst still keeping the same amount.
Literacy:  We've worked on our punctuation and grammar this week.  We've been thinking about the hard and soft sounds the letter 'c' can make.  We have also been using commas to write lists.
Science:  We have continued to think about habitats and how the climate affects what can live there.
Music:  Mr Payne taught us how to play a tune on the glockenspiel in music!  Everyone had a go at playing the notes G, F and C - he was really impressed!
As you know, we try not to let the weather stop us enjoying our surroundings at Hanbury.  Please check your child is well-equipped for playtime with a pair of gloves and a hat/scarf.