Year 2 News: 3rd July 2019

3rd July 2019
Star of the Week:  Freddie C
Mathematician of the Week:  Lily-Mae
Writer of the Week:  Harry M
Rocking Reader:  Natasha
Values Champion (Trust):  Mia
We have been getting out and about in the local area this week!
On Monday we joined Year 1 for a walk up to Hanbury Church as part of our RE work on sacred places.  We met Reverend Morris who taught us lots of new facts about the church we thought we knew so well!  He also let us explore the building - we tried to count how many crosses we could find, but lost count at 300!  We ended our trip by measuring how long the church was... it is officially 27 children long!
Then, on Wednesday we headed to Stoke Prior First School to join their Year 2 class for a PE festival.  We had an amazing time and all gave 100% in every activity that we were given to do.  There are some lovely pictures below that Logan took - we hope you like them!
Numeracy:  this week we have been using place value to help us solve calculations using one and two digit numbers.  We found that it makes it so much easier if you can partition your numbers to help work them out!
Literacy:  we wrote a recount of our visit to Hanbury Church.  We tried to use technical language and lots of interesting time words to help add interest and authority to our work.
Topic:  We have found out lots about Rosa Parks this week.  We all agreed she was very brave when she refused to move from her seat on the bus.
Science:  our experiment to see what plants need to grow continues!  We are also remembering to water our lettuces and beetroot outside - Mrs Shaw has even been coming to school at the weekend to make sure they don't get too thirsty!  We can't wait to see how everyone has been getting on with their homework... let us know how your plants are getting on!