Year 2 News: 3rd May 2018

3rd May 2018
Star of the Week:  Aaron
Mathematician of the Week: Olivia
Writer of the Week:  Harry
Values Champion:  Charlie
We are looking forward to a restful Bank Holiday Weekend - this week has seen many in Year 2 fighting off germs and nasties so we hope everyone can build up their strength and feel lots better in time for next week!
A letter has been sent home about next week's Pedestrian Training - please don't forget to send the reply slip back to school!
Literacy:  We have been writing a formal letter to The Vegetable Queen about the various princesses she might like to marry her son, the Prince!  We made sure it was set out correctly, with the recipients address and our address in the right place and used formal language.  We came up with various similes to avoid repeating the same vocabulary and to help us describe the princesses characters in both positive and negative lights!
Numeracy:  Miss Jones has set us all different challenges this week, helping us take our maths skills even further.  We have been 'balancing' number sentences, doubling and halving and partitioning two digit numbers to solve maths problems.  We also showed how we can use what we know about number to estimate.  Miss Jones is so impressed with us all - she thinks we are super mathematicians!
Topic:  We talked about the difference between human and physical geography, identifying some landmarks in the British Isles.  We focused on Stonehenge and Mount Snowdon, then wrote Miss Jones a postcard from there, telling her exactly what it was like!
Science:  We have designed an experiment to see how light affects the leaves of plants this week.  We thought very carefully about what equipment we needed, how we could carry out the experiment and what would make it a fair test.  We will be monitoring our plant and will keep you posted!
PE:  We had another fantastic skills session outside with Jim on Monday, and are loving Tri-Golf on Friday!