Year 2 News: 3rd May 2021

3rd May 2021
Star of the Week:  Deniro
Mathematician of the Week:  Isabel
Writer of the Week:  Jack
Rocking Reader:  Lexie
Values Champion of the Week (Kindness and Compassion):  Hollie
Literacy:  Miss Bishop received a very strange letter from the Imaginarium Tourist Board this week, asking us to try and persuade people to visit the land from our book!  We were keen to oblige and worked very hard to use language that would encourage and entice visitors to book their tickets!
Then, we used speech marks and thought bubbles to show what we thought the characters might be feeling.  We made sure our writing was as accurate and considered as our other work - we're having a real push at sharpening our spelling skills and making our handwriting as neat as possible.
Maths:  We bravely stepped into the world of multiplication this week!  We found out that multiplication starts with repeated addition of equal groups.  We then wrote these number sentences using the "X" operation, thinking hard about putting the number in each group first, then the number of groups second.
By the end of the week we had really got the hang of it and are actually really looking forward to more maths on Tuesday!
Topic:  Since we've decided to journey to Australia in our topic work, we decided we would need to fly there.  We found out about the Wright Brothers and their first aeroplane, "The Flyer".  We were amazed at how many times they had to go back to the drawing board to come up with a plane that flew! 
We compared their amazing invention with planes through the ages, looking at what has stayed the same and what has been improved since, then created a timeline of aeroplanes and could explain why we thought each went where.
PE:  Ollie taught us how to throw a shot putt in athletics on Tuesday, whilst we were allowed to help demonstrate the routines in Stellissa on Thursday... even Miss Bishop had a go!