Year 2 News: 3rd October 2019

3rd October 2019
Star of the Week:  Evie
Mathematician of the Week:  Taryn
Writer of the Week:  Oliver N
Rocking Reader:  Joseph
Values Champion (Friendship):  Summer
We've been trying to learn our Harvest Poem in readiness for the church service - it would be great to get some extra practice at home so we can impress the congregation with our poetry-telling skills!
Numeracy:  This week we have been creating "fact families" using our part/whole diagrams.  We can all create 2 addition and 2 subtraction number sentences out of one number by partitioning it and using the numbers in the right way.
So, if our 'whole' is 10, we could create a family like this...
6 + 4 = 10      4 + 6 = 10
10 - 6 = 4     10 - 4 = 6
We've also impressed Miss Bishop with using what we know about making numbers 10 x bigger to then work out related facts.  For example, we know that if 6 + 4 = 10, then 60 + 40 = 100.
Literacy:  We have carried on with our Jemima Puddle Duck work by digging into the text and finding the answers to a variety of questions.  The first step to answering them was to think about what the question actually wanted us to do.  Sometimes we had to find and copy a particular word, others gave us a choice of answers and we had to tick one, whilst others asked us to show our understanding by writing a sentence or two.  The great thing is, the answers can be found in the text, so we could go back to the story to find them!
We also wrote some instructions on how to care for chicks... thankfully Mrs Wilkes was on hand during the lesson... she's a real expert on chickens so could give us some advice on what to write!  We made sure our instructions were clear and in the right order, so the reader would find them really helpful.
Music:  Mrs Ball got us all singing and playing on Wednesday - we love her music lessons!
RE:  After learning about The Creation, we all tried acting out what the Bible tells us, trying hard to remember all the things God created, and the order in which it happened.
Heartsmart:  A pre-packed chicken sandwich helped us to think about our reputations in Heartsmart this week! We thought about how the packet tells us a little bit about what is inside, whilst the window in the pack shows us partly what it is like.  We know that our choices show the world what we are like inside, and that we can build and repair reputations by making good choices.
Science:  We tried to writing up our Great Fire of London experiment from last week, thinking hard about the order in which everything happened and what the experiment taught us about the materials we use to build houses now.
Spelling Logs:  Keep handing spelling logs in when you are ready to be tested on a section - it is fantastic that so many children practice their words at home, thank you.  Year 2 is extremely busy, but Mrs Shaw tries very hard to take any opportunity to fit in a quick spelling test whenever she can!