Year 2 News: 3rd October 2020

3rd October 2020
Star of the Week:  Hollie
Mathematician of the Week:  Isabel
Writer of the Week:  Lorianna
Rocking Reader:  Jack
Values Champion (Friendship):  George
There was a delicious aroma in our classroom on Wednesday when we baked our contributions for the Virtual Coffee Morning, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Miss Bishop showed us how her mum taught her to make the BEST butterfly cakes, complete with jam, lemon curd and buttercream filling... yum!  She even let us all have a go with the electric whisk and her special tool for cutting the holes in the middle of the cakes whilst others were busy designing the boxes we took them home in.
We also wrote some instructions on how to bake a cake, making sure we got them in the right order so we didn't confuse the person who was reading them!
Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution to this important charity via ParentPay.
Maths:  We've begun to compare numbers with the help of our place value knowledge this week.  We know that we compare the number of tens, then the ones to make it easier.  We've tried hard to use the right comparison symbol to show "greater than" >, "less than" < and "equal" =.
Literacy:  Miss Bishop is really impressed with our writing so far this term.  She loves how we use our phonics and tricky word knowledge to help our writing.  We worked on two pieces of writing this week as we come to the end of our book, "Here We Are".
First, she asked us to write down all the questions that whizz around our heads... but she didn't promise to be able to answer them all!
"How do planes go round the clouds?", "Why do Greggs have so many sausage rolls?", "Can a baby think of stuff that they haven't seen before?" and "How do seeds get in cherries when the only way to get it in is to smash it and pop it back in?" were some of the more puzzling queries!
We talked about how it is really important to take a moment to sit and enjoy our surroundings rather than dash about all day long until we go to bed.  We got to go and have a peaceful 10 minutes outside to show how much it can help us.  Then we wrote sentences to inform the reader about the differences between night and day.  We worked on using detail and interesting vocabulary, making sure we got the important capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in of course!
Topic:  We're planning a trip to London!  We thought of all the different things we could do and how we could get to and around our capital city.  We thought of the reasons why we would like to visit the places we chose and what we might take with us for a day out and about.  We can name so many different places in London, we're considering a career as tourist guides!
Heartsmart:  Miss Bishop showed us how to use coffee filters, felt tips and a bowl of water to explain how our hearts can make a difference to the world.  We drew a heart and coloured it in, then put the end of the filter in the water.  We watched as the colour from the felt tips spread out around the paper.  This is a bit like when we have happy hearts... we can spread happiness around us too.
Music:  Mrs Ball taught us how to sign songs instead of sing them this week!  We learned some of the alphabet and the signs for "happy" and "grumpy"!
Forest School: We ended the week with a wonderful, wet Forest School session!  Mrs Pincher built a rope bridge for us to cross and we had a lovely splash in some very muddy puddles.  Real life Stuck in the Mud was lots of fun - we took shelter in the den we built on the field when we got tired!
After our hot chocolate and biscuits we went inside to make bracelets out of elder branch beads and had a go at archery.  We were all worn out and definitely ready for lunch by the time it came!