Year 2 News: 4th December 2020

4th December 2020
Star of the Week: Betty
Writer of the Week: Isabel
Mathematician of the Week: Jakob
Rocking Reader: Libby
Values Champion (Respect): Celine
We've launched a challenge to fill a box full of goodies for Droitwich Foodbank this week.  We are a very kind class, always helping each other, but we wanted to do something nice for people we will probably never meet. 
This act of kindness comes after we made birthday cards for Abbie Paice, a girl from Kent who is poorly but who LOVES getting mail!  Here's a bit more about her: Thousands of strangers send birthday cards to poorly Abbie Paice from Chartham (
Our "Calm Corner" is taking shape.  It is a place that any of us can go if we need to have a bit of quiet time.  There are useful cards that give us ideas how to calm down - we all had a go at some relaxing breathing this week.  We're going to try it when we are having trouble getting to sleep!
We all did our phonics quiz on Tuesday - Miss Bishop was so impressed, we all ended up in the rainbow!
Maths:  We've been working on adding and subtracting by exchanging a "ten" to help us this week.  By following the steps we've all been able to work out some 2 digit + 1 digit number sentences that "bridge the ten".  We were also able to transfer our skills and do these calculations on a number line.
We've been playing the number bond game on Hit the Button too - we're all getting faster and are developing techniques to help ourselves!
Literacy:  We've focused a lot on spelling this week.  After working on our Year 2 common exception words, we've been spotting homophones, silent letters (k and g) and have been working out where the letter "c" makes a /s/ sound when it goes next to a i, e or y.
Topic:  We compared firefighting in 1966 with the present day by studying a uniform timeline.  We also made our own 1666-style water squirters and tried them out on a real fire!  We thought about why they were so ineffective in fighting the Great Fire of London and suggested improvements that might make them a little bit more useful.
We ended the week feeling a bit festive - making decorations and starting to create our Christmas cards.  We're looking forward to our class Christmas Party on Monday too!