Year 2 News: 5th December 2019

5th December 2019
Star of the Week:  Ava
Mathematician of the Week:  Evie
Writer of the Week:  Elijah
Rocking Reader:  Alex
Values Champion:  Nieve
The highlight of our week in Year 2 just has to be our terrific performances of "Everyone Loves a Baby"!  We were so excited to get dressed up in our costumes and tell the Christmas story.  Thank you for all the lovely comments about the play - all the hard work was certainly worth it.
On Monday, Reverend Morris came to talk to us about Advent.  We thought about the Innkeeper in Bethlehem and tried to imagine how they felt when they almost had to turn Mary and Joseph away.  We decided it must have been very frustrating and upsetting to see a lady about to have a baby on your doorstep when you have no rooms left.  The Innkeeper did all they could to help - even if all they could offer was their stable.
We then heard how some people in our country still need our help - they do not have a place to stay or food to eat.  If we all do what we can - even if that's just a little bit - then we would make the world a better place.
Our Heartsmart lesson followed on from this.  It made us realise that a "gratitude attitude" is a good thing to have.  We all thought about how even when we get a knock-back, we can always find something to be grateful for.  As an example of this, we thought about what part of our bodies we are grateful to, and why.
We have continued to learn about money in Maths.  This week we have been thinking about what happens if we have to pay with coins worth more than the price of an item.  By finding the difference between two numbers, we could work out what change the shopkeeper should give us.
A game of shops helped us consolidate our learning - we would all love to have a play at home too, so why not gather up your loose change and have a go!