Year 2 News: 5th July 2018

5th July 2018
Star of the Week:  Renee
Mathematician of the Week:  Charlie
Writer of the Week:  Ethan
Values Champion:  Samantha
We loved having Miss Jones back this week!
Literacy:  We have been learning and performing the poem "Ten Things Found in a Wizard's Pocket" by Ian McMillan.  We made up actions to help us remember it - why don't you ask us to tell it to you at home?  We then wrote a class poem about what we might find in a Scientist's pocket and finally we came up with our very own ideas, including a Police Officer's pocket and an Astronaut's pocket!
Numeracy:  It's been a week of shape in Year 2.  We've explored the properties of 3D shapes and used what we have learned to compare different ones.
Science:  We've begun to learn about healthy eating and created an Eatwell Plate, which helps us see what kind and how much of the different food groups we should be eating every day.  We were shocked to hear that one can of pop can contain 2 times the amount of sugar we should have in a day!
PE:  It is Sports Day next week, so we have been working out who is doing what event... there aren't very many of us so we are ready to be all-round athletes as we compete for our houses!