Year 2 News: 5th November 2020

5th November 2020
Star of the Week:  Jakob
Writer of the Week:  Deniro
Rocking Reader: George
Values Champion:  Hollie
Year 2 have jumped back into business after a lovely half term break!
PSHE:  Miss Bishop read us a book about a bag of worries which a little girl carried with her everywhere.  The only way she could get rid of it was to show the worries to a kind lady.  It made her feel much better.  Then we thought about how you can tell how we and others are feeling and the kind of feelings we might experience.  Some were nicer than others but we all agreed it is important to talk about our feelings, no matter what.
Maths:  We have been finding ways to check our answers by using the "inverse" this week.  We found out that the opposite of add is take away, so worked hard to write fact families, using the same parts and whole to write 4 different number sentences.  For example, 4 + 6 = 10, 6 + 4 = 10, 10 - 4 = 6 and 10 - 6 = 4.
We also had a go at comparing numbers, including comparing 2 parts with 2 parts using greater than, less than or equal to.  Some of us could even work out the missing numbers from comparison statements like 7 + 2 = 8 + ?
Literacy:  We stepped into Beegu's shoes  this week, to help us write recounts of Beegu's experience of planet Earth.  We took care to write in the first person, use the past tense and to write in chronological order.
Art:  We used different materials to make poppies as we began to learn about Remembrance Day.  We heard a beautiful story called "Where the Poppies Now Grow" which is all about 2 friends who went to fight in World War I.  It made us think about the incredible sacrifices strangers made - and are still making - for us all.
Heartsmart:  We talked about "letting love in" on Tuesday.  We are all deserving of love, but sometimes it is hard to accept.  We all thought about what is best about us.  It was lovely to see if we found it tricky, our friends were all very quick to say what they thought we were best at!
PE:  We are so lucky to have two coaches this term.  On Tuesday we played "Robin Hood" with Ollie, testing our sprinting ability and teamwork.  Then, on Thursday we had a brilliant time moving and dancing with Stellissa.