Year 2 News: 5th October 2017

5th October 2017
Star of the Week:  Charlie
Mathematician of the Week:  Archie
Writer of the Week:  Genevieve
Values Champion:  Leo
We loved performing 'Little Red Hen' at the Harvest Service this week - we have been practising very hard!
We wished Megan a very happy Birthday and both Theo and Amelia lost a tooth!
LITERACY:  We had so much fun recreating scenes from 'Traction Man' using puppets and props!  We then drew and wrote the story in the format of a comic.  This helped us think about speech bubbles, thought bubbles, time connectives and onomatopoea words like 'POW!', 'PLOP!' and 'WOOSH!'.
MATHS:  We spent our time... learning about time this week!  We timed ourselves doing different activities and put them in order from the shortest amount of time to the longest.  We used our knowledge to read and create timetables - challenging stuff!
RE:  This week we thought about the Creation and the kind of questions we might ask God about all the wonderful things he brought into our world.
E-SAFETY:  We drew our own 'digital footprints' to add to our display and included the things we would and wouldn't share on the internet.  We continued talking about how to keep ourselves safe online.
HOMEWORK:  We had homework back from everyone this week - well done!  Amongst the topic homework we have seen, Ashley brought in his very realistic model of a house that burned down in the Great Fire of London!