Year 2 News: 6th February 2020

6th February 2020
Star of the Week:  Taryn
Mathematician of the Week:  Noah W
Writer of the Week:  Oscar
Rocking Reader:  Ava
Values Champion:  Everyone... for helping Eggbert flourish through love and nurture!
We've packed so much in to another week in Year 2... hold on to your hats!
Eggbert is still thriving in Year 2 - so much so, he might be ready to move up to Middle School soon!  It is a credit to the children that he has reached this stage, without their care he would not have done so well.  Everyone should be very proud to see Eggbert succeed.
Forest School:  We started the week with a brilliant morning outside in Forest School!  We began with a nature walk, then returned to base to play real-life stuck in the mud!  After hot chocolate and biscuits we created some fantastic mandalas out of natural materials.  Miss Bishop was amazed at our focus, teamwork and creativity.  A few photographs below show you what a brilliant time we all had - thank you to Mrs Winter and Mr Brown for coming to help.
Maths:  We've swapped our times tables for division this week, looking at how we can share out an amount between a number of groups equally.  Our answer comes when we count how many is in one of the groups.  Some of us even started to use times tables to help us work out the answer when the numbers got really big!
Literacy:  After producing fox fact-files last term, we have begun to create similar pieces of work for other woodland animals that feature in Fantastic Mr Fox.  We thought about what we already know, then researched extra information using the iPads.  We tried to extract key information, rather than just copy what the internet told us!
Heartsmart:  We thought about how we are all special in our own ways, and how each of us is part of a very big Year 2 jigsaw puzzle... when one piece is missing, it just isn't the same!
Art:  Continuing our theme of art from around the world, we did paper weaving in an African style, which we are going to decorate and also used pastels to create mandalas.  For this, we could only use 4 colours, but the patterns we drew on the mandala and our use of colour resulted in some super examples!
Spelling:  It is great to hear that so many of you are using the spelling packs Miss Bishop put together for everyone last week.  We are starting to see an effect resulting from our focus on spelling skills, so thank you very much for the support you are giving at home.