Year 2 News: 6th June 2019

6th June 2019
We returned full of energy after our half term break!
Mrs Bevis has joined us in Year 2.  She is a teacher with lots of experience in Year 2 and is looking forward to working with us and making this term lots of fun.  We've already played lots of "getting to know you" games together and are trying to show her how much we have grown this year and how hard we can work.
Maths and literacy homework will be sent home as normal each week.  We also want to try and focus on reading regularly and completing as many Spelling Logs as possible before we make the move into Year 3!  We are hoping that topic homework will have a bit of a twist this term... we will give you more details on that soon!
Maths:  this week we have been tackling a tricky task of division using sharing then grouping.  Some of us have tried to use number lines whilst others have been putting groups of cubes together to see how many groups we can make.
Literacy:  we went on a journey at the start of the week by imagining we were an object and coming up with lots of ideas of what might happen to us.  Some of us were feathers floating away into nests, others were raindrops falling from the sky into puddles and oceans, whilst others were buttons falling off shirts!
We have also been writing factsheets about ourselves to help Mrs Bevis get to know us.  We thought about where we live, who we live with and what we want to be when we are older.
Topic:  we all wrote and drew about what we have learned about equality.  We had some very interesting discussions about the rights we think people should have and how we want a world where everyone is equal.
Letters have gone home about a PE festival that we are attending next week and our exciting whole school trip.  Please return the reply slips as soon as possible.