Year 2 News: 7th June 2018

7th June 2018
Star of the Week:  Noah... for his cool, calm attitude.
Mathematician of the Week:  Tessy... for trying to use negative numbers to keep her golf score!
Writer of the Week:  Amelia... for adding lots of information to her Hanbury writing.
Values Champion:  Bella... for sharing the praise she was given with the whole class.
Miss Jones has been so happy to be back with Year 2 after our half term break.  We have been getting straight back to work as we start the countdown to summer... and the move to Year 3!
Well done to Harry who has already bought in 2 Jazzy Jars for the Hanbury School stall at the Summer Fete!
Literacy:  We met a character called Geri this week and came up with various different ways to describe him, using expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors.  We have also been learning about - and practicing using - possessive apostrophes.
Maths:  We have been looking at what happens to numbers when we add or subtract multiples of ten.  We put our skills to use by applying what we had learned to help us work out word problems.  We even came up with our own problems to try and test Miss Jones!  We have also been thinking about money and how we can make the same amount using different coins.
Science:  We learned about the different classifications we can use to sort organisms.  We noticed that mammals are the only type of animal that have live young.  Others (amphibians, reptiles, birds and insects) all lay eggs.  We learned that animals can be herbivores, omnivores or carnivores and have found out the 5 things animals (including humans!) need to survive... shelter, water, food, oxygen and sleep.
Topic:  We started our new topic by thinking about how we are all different but that everyone deserves to be treated equally.  We created some fantastic posters after getting inspiration from Michael Jackson's song "Black or White".