Year 2 News: 7th November 2019

7th November 2019
Star of the Week:  Joseph
Mathematician of the Week:  Amelia-Rose
Writer of the Week:  Taryn
Rocking Readers:  Elijah
Values Champion (Friendship):  Avhin
We've had a good rest over half term so are ready for what will be a very busy time in Year 2!
We are starting to learn the songs for our forthcoming Nativity and will have our parts and lines by the weekend.  Learning our lines at home is really important as then we can be super confident when it comes to rehearsing the play at school.
We are very keen to avoid worries about costumes so please let us know in plenty of time if you would like us to provide an outfit - we have quite a few in school.  We do not expect anyone to have to buy a costume so are more than happy to help.
Literacy:  We are continuing to read the Tale of Jemima Puddleduck and have had our suspicions about the "polite gentleman with sandy coloured whiskers" confirmed, although Jemima still doesn't seem in the slightest bit concerned a fox is planning to eat her up!  We have been diving into the text to answer comprehension questions that show our understanding.
Numeracy:  Miss Bishop is so impressed with our knowledge of number that we have been trying out addition using the column method.  Whilst we all have to be careful of using our place value correctly, and making sure we add our 'ones' before our 'tens' we have been doing amazingly well.
Learning Journey:  A debate about Guy Fawkes gave us the opportunity to think about why we still remember bad things that happened in the past - hopefully we learn from them and recognise the sacrifices people make.  We came up with ideas why people might see him differently, depending on their opinions and situation.  We decided it was right to listen to all sides of a discussion and not to be afraid of finding out lots of information before forming an opinion.
As this looks set to be a busy term, we have started working through some activities on Go Noodle which we hope will help provide us with some techniques to help us reset and stay cool and calm!  We already have put Bubble Breathing and Bee Breathing in our toolkit - why not ask us to show you how to do them too?